The LEADERREACH Initiative with Dr. Richard

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February 1, 2018
Rev. Dr. D. John Richard
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February 5, 2018

The LEADERREACH Initiative with Dr. Richard


Watch the below video where Dr. Richard shares firsthand the background behind the LEADERREACH video initiative which seeks to address the heart needs of leaders who reach leaders. Further below is the GProCommunity interview with Dr. Richard regarding LEADERREACH.

Below are the past topics vital to healthy leadership addressed by Dr. Richard. The video sessions go live every Monday up until the last video release on March 5th which will conclude the video release for this series. We invite you to subscribe here for future video sessions in the current series!

How To Spiritually Examine Your Heart As A Leader?

How Can We Pursue Long-term Sustainability In Our Role As Leaders?

Where Am I Failing As A Leader?

Where Are You Succeeding As A Leader?

How Can A Leader Think Of Himself Correctly?

GProCommunity Team: What is LEADERREACH?

Dr. Richard: As leaders have come to my office, they tend to ask questions about personal spiritual growth and spiritual health which seems to be the fundamental source and resource for all their leadership standards.  These are the questions we seek to address as LEADERREACH. I want to stress that this is not a leadership website.  There are many such wonderful sources and resources. LEADERREACH is our way of giving biblical and spiritual input into your hearts and minds as we are reaching leaders who reach leaders.

GProCommunity Team: Why are you doing the LEADERREACH videos?

Dr. Richard: I want to be strategic in my intention to address the spiritual needs and health of leaders because if a leader is not vitally spiritually healthy they will not be able to influence the people that they lead now. As much as I would love to visit with every leader personally in my office, I know that is not possible. Thankfully through technology, we can have a unique opportunity where I can bring my office to every leader via the Internet.

GProCommunity Team:  What topics do you cover in these videos?

Dr. Richard: We have covered issues from significance, failure, success, usefulness, playing God, as well as life-work-family balance. You can access previous episodes via our LEADERREACH website. Perhaps the question facing you today will be our next topic! In fact, you can submit your questions via the website (see further below).

GProCommunity Team: Who do you hope sees these videos?

Dr. Richard: Our primary focus will be pastoral leaders but LEADERREACH applies to everyone who has the role and responsibility of being a leader. God has placed you in a position of influence whether you serve as leader at home, the workplace or in a church setting.

GProCommunity Team: How do I submit my questions so that they might be answered in a video?

Dr. Richard: It is our desire that LEADERREACH be a continual source of encouragement and wellspring of wisdom to all leaders, but especially those who are engaged or want to be engaged in the work of training other leaders.  I encourage all leaders to share their pressing questions here. Unfortunately, we will not be able to address all questions but please submit yours and we will evaluate them all.  Even though we already have recorded the first ten episodes, more episodes will be filmed soon and I need your questions!

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