“Preparing Evangelistic Sermons” by Ramesh Richard eBook $1.99 JUNE ONLY

Mise à jour du Dr. Ramesh Richard
mai 16, 2018

“Preparing Evangelistic Sermons” by Ramesh Richard eBook $1.99 JUNE ONLY


We wanted to pass on yet another special promotion. « Preparing Evangelistic Sermons » is available as a convenient eBook download for your phone, Kindle, IPad etc. for US $1.99 for the month of JUNE ONLY!  

Below are three options to purchase this invaluable online eBook download.

AMAZON (Kindle)



« When it comes to evangelism, converting the sinner is God’s part. Communicating the Gospel is the preacher’s part. But how is this done effectively? Professor of expository preaching Dr. Ramesh Richard offers pastors a simple, do-it-yourself resource for preparing and delivering evangelistic sermons. Incorporating a seven-step process, this book guides readers through:


  • The foundation, framework, method, and special issues of evangelistic preaching
  • The divine call to Christian proclamation
  • Types of evangelistic ministry


  • Ideas for delivering sermons based on text, audience, or topic

“With six appendices that provide relevant information, outlines and checklists, Preparing Evangelistic Sermons is ideal for students of evangelism, preachers and ministry leaders who seek a better way to proclaim Christ to others. ”


Download and enjoy this valuable resource wherever you go! 



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