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In Honor of Rev. Dr. D. John Richard

Dear praying friends, My hero, my dad, D. John Richard, just entered heaven to receive his eternal reward for a full life and fruitful labors (Saturday, February 3, 2018), just 17 days shy of his 95th birthday. It happened very fast. He fell last Sunday, and five times since then. We’re grateful and sad. I’m headed to Syracuse…just arrived in Dallas last night after 16 nights away. I wrote memories of him on my 15+ hour flight home, having just talked the exact streets and places of youthful life with him. Please pray for all of us. We have our Christ’s […]

Do you care about the Quality or Health of your Church?

Assessing the most important thing your church needs right now for greater fruitfulness requires a certain attitude of heart: Jesus said: “I will build my church.” (Mt. 16:18). Pastors are called to be God’s Co-Workers in that project (1 Cor 3:9). That means: Jesus gave you responsibility over his church, so your role is ‘stewardship’. As good ‘stewards’, we need to re-evaluate what Church is about, according to Jesus’ modeling and instructions to his disciples. Will you agree that it is about… Worshipping our God, Edifying our believers, Caring for and relieving people’s pains and problems, Proclaiming the Good News? […]

LUCENT UNIVERSITY INTERVIEW: Formal training made possible regardless of location

As the GProCommunity, we aim to share developments and new initiatives in both formal and non-formal training of pastors. With this goal in mind, for this month, we highlight the Lucent University, “a Higher Education Institution focused on preparing God’s people for the ministry by offering affordable online training in all the world’s major languages.” As you may be aware, even if pastoral leaders can afford the financial costs, many often face the tremendous decision to abandon their congregations and leave their families in order to receive training so they may then better serve the very churches they had to […]

Big Church or Little Church?

Shared with permission from The Table podcast In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Gary Bershears discuss ecclesiology, focusing on the opportunities, challenges, and value of churches of any size. 00:24 Introduction of Gary Breshears 00:44 Topic Introduction 01:08 What kind of Church Drs. Bock and Breshears attend. 03:10 The Church: a building, a people, or a presence? 05:20 How should we think about the church? 07:47 What is the “Social Gospel?” 12:10 How should the church relate to community service projects? 16:50 How should we think about “mega-churches?” 19:40 Is the church for discipleship or evangelism? 24:30 What is the positive impact of the “megachurch?” 33:19 Does […]

Reflections on Legacy and the Future from Dr. Ramesh Richard

March 20, 2018 My dear friend, I write this letter on John Richard’s 95th birthday. I am seized by his memory. He passed away 17 days short of this rather momentous day. I was fully expecting him to make it and had airline tickets to surprise him with a visit today. Instead, he surprised us! Quite well till the last five days of his life, he entered into his heavenly reward. After a brief struggle, surrounded by loving family, he worshipped His Lord Jesus, whispering St. Paul’s “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course…” and singing […]

Disciples Don’t Make Themselves: Planning Discipleship

  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19 Before Jesus left this earth to join His Father in Heaven, He left us with instructions on what to do as His followers.  He said in Matthew 28:19 that we are to “go and make disciples of all nations.”  We call this the Great Commission and it is the sole purpose and calling of the Christian church in the world. There is no other reason for the existence of the Church. And yet so few churches actually make this the priority and focus of their ministry.  Instead they create activities, such as […]

GProCommission Leadership Revolution Interview (Free Resources)

Bruce Witt is a pastoral trainer whose emphasis is on Christ-centered leadership: establishing Christ as leader in every follower. Watch and learn how Leadership Revolution is challenging and inspiring leaders all over the globe. Leadership Revolution is generously sharing their many incredible resources with all the pastoral trainers and leaders of the GProCommission, free of charge and available to you on the GProLearning site. We encourage you to watch the short video interview, download the materials and then pass this on!   WATCH the GProCommunity short video interview below with Bruce Witt, the President and Founder of the Leadership Revolution. […]

Al Massira: Spotlight on Evangelistic and Discipleship Video Ministry

This incredible video series from the ministry of Al Massira was filmed in 13 different countries over a period of 16 months.  We rejoice that this outreach tool is yielding much fruit. In fact, over the last several years, well over 8,000 people have been trained in presenting the series. Once they are trained, their next step is to gather small groups of friends who are interested in learning about the Messiah. Approximately 2,000 Al Massira (AM) groups have formed, with attendance ranging from two to 70 people. The Lord is using this series to reach many. Al Massira estimates […]

Free Online Courses from Our Daily Bread Christian University

Watch and then read: our interview with Evan Morgan, president of Our Daily Bread Christian University (ODBCU), to learn more about the many opportunities available through this online school and then peruse their course offerings shared on our GProLearning site today. Access courses here via our Learning Paths on GProLearning: Interview below: How is Our Daily Bread connected with ChristianUniversity.org? Our ministry was founded in February 1998 as a subsidiary of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in the USA, with the mission of reaching students worldwide with affordable and accessible Christian learning opportunities. We became a subsidiary of […]

The Relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament

Reposted with kind permission of the Table Podcast. In this episode, Drs. Mark Yarbrough, Darrell L. Bock, Mark Bailey, and Pastor Andy Stanley discuss the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament, focusing on communicating biblical truth to a variety of audiences.   Timecodes below: 00:15 Yarbrough introduces Bock, Bailey, and Stanley 02:03 How does Acts 15 fit into Luke’s work as a whole? 05:48 What is the central issue in Acts 15? 10:50 How did Gentiles become Christians in the 1st Century? 18:14 Explaining Acts 15 to new believers today 21:39 Letting go of the old covenant and an improper view of the […]